Photo of man talking to two other men on a doorstep.

Harbor City Unlimited Residential Rehabilitation Program

Harbor City Unlimited Residential Rehabilitation Program (RRP) is a nonmedical psychiatric rehabilitation and residential rehabilitation program for persons with severe mental illness. The core principle to rehabilitation stems from the recovery model where staff partner with clients to facilitate identification of strengths, goals and potential for growth. Work focuses on helping the individual manage their illness and move forward with their life.

The Medical Center's unique program within Community Psychiatry supports 19 homes in Baltimore city, owning two and renting 17 other homes. Three people live in each home, with support from a residential counselor, while they recover from mental illness. By years end, a third home will be purchased. The program allows the residents to learn independent living skills, develop relationships with neighbors, and supports their transition back into the community. Homes are purchased by the Medical Center and completely rehabbed into beautifully restored homes, which in turn helps to stabilize the surrounding community. The RRP works in partnership with the Baltimore City Police Department, which supports the surrounding community with neighborhood watches to restore safety to the streets of Baltimore.