Young Mom Gets Double Lung Transplant

Brittany Davenport had just given birth to her second daughter at a community hospital when she began having trouble breathing. She walked into the emergency department at UMMC to seek medical help. She was diagnosed with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which may have been caused by an infection in the incision site of her cesarean section. Brittany was placed on an external lung machine, called ECMO, to breathe for her while her lungs healed. When her lungs didn't recover fully, she was listed for a double lung transplant. All the while, Brittany was in the hospital, eager to be home with her two young girls. Finally, donor lungs became available, and the transplant occurred. Thanks to the medical and surgical expertise of the lung transplant team, Brittany was finally able to return home to be with her family and celebrate the joys of her daughters.