• Patient Success Story: Mark Luciw

    When Mark was hit by a car while crossing the road, his arm took the brunt of the impact.  He was left lying in the road, his forearm almost completely severed. He was rushed to Shock Trauma, where he was lucky enough to meet Dr. Raymond Pensy.

  • Patient Success Story: Vienne Longway

    After Vienne fell off an 8-foot slide, she broke her wrist.  While they may seem to be common, fractures are not a routine condition, and are often not set correctly.  

  • What Is Elective Trauma?

    Shock Trauma orthopaedic specialists not only treat patients as they come by air or an ambulance, but afterwards, as well.  This includes what are called elective trauma cases.

  • Treating Problem Fractures

    Dr. Marcus Sciadini, discusses how UM Orthopaedics heals problem fractures - including nonunions & malunions (fractures that don't heal and fractures that don't heal straight).  

  • Physician Profile: Marcus Sciadini, MD

    Meet Dr. Marcus Sciadini, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in orthopaedic traumatology and complex fracture care.

  • University of Maryland Orthopaedics at Midtown

    Marcus Sciadini, MD, Interim Chairman of Orthoaedics at the University of Maryland Midtown Campus, discusses how having a safe and quality operating space at Midtown allows for the department handle all the patients they receive.

  • Your Health: Hip Replacements

    In this Your Health segment, Dr. Farshad Adib, discusses what causes hip deterioration and describes both surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

  • Your Health: Sports-Related Knee Injuries

    In this Your Health segment, Dr. Jonathan Packer discuses the causes and treatment of sports-related knee injuries.

  • Ankle Sprains

    One of the most common orthopaedic problems in emergency room is ankle sprains.  If not treated correctly the first time, ankle sprains can present a host of issues later in life. 

  • Flatfeet

    Hummira Abawi, DPM sees patients of all ages who have concerns about flatfeet.

  • Pediatric Clubfoot

    One of the most common congenital deformities Hummira Abawi, DPM sees in her clinic is pediatric clubfoot.  Clubfoot affects up to 1 to 1,000 births per year.

  • Heel Pain

    Hummira Abawi, DPM sees multiple patients every day who have heel pain.  One thing she always tells her patients, is that it’s not always plantar fasciitis, although that is the most common diagnosis.

  • Orthodics

    Many of the patients Hummira Abawi, DPM sees in her practice often complain about foot pain, even after they buy orthodics from their local pharmacy or drug store.

  • Hummira Abawi, DPM on High Heels and Foot Pain

    As a woman, Hummira Abawi, DPM, loves high heels.  However, as a podiatrist, Dr. Abawi has a few words of caution for those of you who love to wear your red bottoms whenever you get the chance.

  • Hummira Abawi, DPM on Pedicures

    Hummira Abawi, DPM knows more than anyone how satisfying a pedicure can be, especially in the summer months. However, she has a few pointers and suggestions to minimize your risk of infection.

  • UMMC Physician Profile Hummira Abawi, DPM

    Hummira Abawi, DPM is a podiatric surgeon who specializes in foot and ankle deformities, including the pediatric and adult populations. 

  • Physician Profile: Daniel Gelb, MD

    Daniel Gelb, MD, has been practicing spine surgery for more than 20 years.  He takes special interest in spinal deformities, and treats both children and adults with scoliosis and kyphosis. 

  • Adult Scoliosis: Treatment with Dr. Daniel Gelb

    Daniel Gelb, MD, discusses adult scoliosis and how the potentially debilitating disease can be treated well into the adult years of life.  He & the University of Maryland Spine Center team treat the disease conservatively, starting with physical therapy, then consider surgery after other options have failed.  

  • Pediatric Scoliosis

    Daniel Gelb, MD, explains what adolescent scoliosis is, and how it is treated by University of Maryland Spine Center team.

  • Cervical Disc Replacement

    The University of Maryland Spine Center is was one of the first centers in Maryland to begin doing disc replacement, and is still one of the centers that does disc replacement on a routine basis more so than other centers in the area.