Molly Wassenius Thrives After Being Treated for Gastrointestinal Disorder as Infant

Molly Wassenius was less than two months old when she was referred to the University of Maryland Children's Hospital for help gaining weight. At the time of referral she weighed less than she had when she was born - a sure sign that something was not working appropriately in her gastrointestinal tract. Molly was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal (GI) disorder that prevented her from absorbing the essential nutrients she needed to grow as an infant. Pediatric GI specialists at the University of Maryland Children's Hospital placed a feeding port in Molly's abdomen so that she could be fed directly into her stomach. 

After three years with a feeding tube, Molly's doctors decided she was ready to be port-free and eat meals like a normal child. When the port was removed, Molly exclaimed, "Now I can wear a 'kini!" because she had been wanting to wear a bikini. Today Molly is thriving as an independent young lady, and her family is thankful for the care that put them all back on the road to life as a healthy family.