Patient Success Story- JoDee and Daniel DeVillier


JoDee DeVillier came to see Dr. Christoper Harman at the University of Maryland Medical Center's Center for Advanced Fetal Care after her son Daniel was diagnosed with a PUV (posterior urethral valves), a condition that was considered terminal in his case. PUV is a congenital defect in males in which excess tissue grows in the urethra. This can block or reverse the flow of urine and affect the urinary tract organs and can potentially cause kidney failure and respiratory failure from lung underdevelopment as a result of low amniotic fluid volumes.

When the family asked for a second opinion, they were sent to the University of Maryland Medical Center to see Dr. Harman, one of the leaders in this field. After two in utero surgeries, Daniel was born at 31 weeks and is now a happy and healthy baby. In this video, DeVillier talks about how grateful she is to Dr. Harman for saving her son's life and to the entire staff for giving him the best chance for a healthy life.

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