Stoler Pavilion Nurse Coordinator Honored with Greenebaum Compassion Award

For immediate release:

 Kevin J. Cullen, M.D., cancer center director, award recipient Laura White, R.N., and Theresa Johnston, R.N., Stoler Pavilion nurse manager.

Kevin J. Cullen, M.D., cancer center director, award recipient Laura White, R.N., and Theresa Johnston, R.N., Stoler Pavilion nurse manager.

Laura White, R.N., has been named a recipient of the Greenebaum Compassion Award. Laura is the nurse coordinator for the Hematologic Malignancies Program in the Stoler Pavilion outpatient center at the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center.

The award is presented by Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum to a member of the Greenebaum Cancer Center staff who exemplifies the qualities of compassion and humanitarianism while providing care. It recognizes those individuals who go above and beyond their normal duties to provide not only excellent medical care, but also compassion and genuine concern for patients.

The following is an excerpt from the citation read during the award presentation at the February meeting of all cancer center staff:

Laura’s devotion to our patients in the Stoler Pavilion is well-known. She treats patients with kindness, respect, empathy and understanding. No matter what else is going on, she makes time to personally connect with each patient and his or her family. Her patients know that they are free to express their needs, concerns, and issues without worry of being judged. Laura spends extra time with patients to ensure that they understand as much as possible about clinic procedures. She allays their fears by helping them understand what to expect at each visit. Patients feel comforted knowing that Laura is their nurse and often seek her out years later to thank her for her compassionate care during their illness.

Laura goes above and beyond her normal duties to ensure that patients have everything they need, not only to treat their cancer, but to cope with the challenges of their treatment.

The staff and patients of the Stoler Pavilion know and respect Laura's devotion to patients. We are so proud of her and are pleased to see her receiving with this well-deserved award!

About the Award

Mr. Stewart Greenebaum established this award in 2007 to recognize the special compassionate care that has become the hallmark of the cancer center that bears his family's name. The award is open to all employees of the Cancer Center who are involved with patient care. Nominations may be submitted throughout the year, and are reviewed by the selection committee on a bi-annual basis.

Each award recipient receives a $2,500 cash award, a crystal award plaque and a commemorative pin, and will have his or her name added to a permanent display of Greenebaum Compassion Award winners located in the cancer center.

The staff of the Greenebaum Cancer Center is extremely grateful to the Greenebaums for their generosity in making this award possible.

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