Why We Ask the Questions We Ask

While you are in the hospital, different members of your care team may ask the same questions repeatedly. We know this can be frustrating, so we would like to explain to you why we ask these questions multiple times.

  • What is your name and date of birth? 

    This is an important safety question that you will be asked before every procedure, treatment, or medicine given.  Your care team asks these questions to identify and match you to the medicine or treatment you may be given. This prevents patients from receiving the wrong type of treatment.
  • What are you here for today? 

    A number of people will ask you this question when you are being admitted because you are the best source of information for your condition and the symptoms you are experiencing. Also, when you are asked again, you may remember things you forgot when speaking with other health care professionals.
  • Do you have any allergies? 

    This is another important safety question to help prevent a reaction to medicines. The nurse or doctor taking care of you has this information in your chart. They ask the question before giving you a medicine to double-check just before the medication is given.
  • Are you experiencing any pain right now? 

    Your health care team will ask you to rate your pain throughout the day so they can adjust your pain management plan with regards to how you are currently feeling.  Our goal is your comfort. 
  • What is your goal for today?

    Small daily goals help to speed your recovery.  We will work with you to best reach any goals you may have.