Institutional Committees

University of Maryland Medical Center offers opportunities for residents and fellows to serve on institutional committees. If you are interested in participating in any of these committees, please contact the Office of Graduate Medical Education.

The committees and their descriptions are listed below:

Ethical Advisory Subcommittee

  • Discusses ethical topics, policy development and ethics consults and reports into the Performance Improvement Steering Committee.

Graduate Medical Education Committee

  • Monitors and advises on all aspects of residency education.  The Committee serves in the capacity of developing/revising graduate medical education policies and overseeing the compliance of the institution and its accredited programs in meeting Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education's institutional and Residency Review Committee requirements.  The Committee is compromised of residents, faculty, program directors, and administrative staff.

Information Management Subcommittee

  • Reviews, discusses, and advises on decisions and processes related to medical records and imaging.  Reports into the Performance Improvement Steering Committee.

Performance Improvement Steering Committee

  • Develops and oversees implementation for the plan for improving performance; assesses and monitors organization's performance; responds to external reviews of the organization's performance, receives reports and monitors outcomes from the medical staff subcommittees and clinical departments, develops a quality training strategy.

Transfusion Practices Subcommittees

  • Review, discuss, and advise on policies and processes related to blood and blood products.  Reports into the Performance Improvement Steering Committee.