The Breast Center is staffed by an exceptionally well-qualified group of breast health experts.

Experienced Mammographers

Interpreting mammograms is a very demanding and complex task. At the Breast Center, every breast image is read by one of our highly trained mammographers. These are radiologists with advanced training in the sub-specialty of breast imaging. Their sole focus is reading breast images and they have more than 20 years of combined experience in interpreting breast imaging studies.

In addition, the Breast Center's physicians and staff are actively involved in clinical research to advance the state of women's imaging.

Breast Evaluation and Treatment Program

Our Breast Center imaging specialists work closely with members of the Breast Evaluation and Treatment Program to provide the most comprehensive, coordinated care possible. This team provides clinical breast examinations and evaluates women who may be at high risk for breast cancer, as well as treating any non-malignant disorders of the breast, such as breast pain.

For women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, the multidisciplinary breast cancer team includes an expert breast medical oncologist, breast surgeon and radiation oncologist, as well as specialists in breast tissue pathology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, genetic counseling and a wide variety of supportive services.

For more information on breast health or our comprehensive breast care services, please call the Breast Center at 410-328-3225.