Thoracic Cancer

  • Dana Deighton

    The relationship between a cancer patient and their care provider is a special one.  Between radiation therapy appointments, hours of chemotherapy, and even sometimes surgery and recovery, there’s not much that can strengthen this bond, besides running a half marathon.
  • Pat Tierney

    Pat Tierney was diagnosed with cancer at the base of her tongue in 2008, and was successfully treated at UMMC.  She never thought it could happen to her again, but during a routine CT scan, Pat was diagnosed with lung cancer.

    Could she survive it again? In Pat’s words, with the help of Dr. William Regine and Dr. Ash Sachdeva, “I got this one.”
  • Goodman

    Ilene Goodman

    Grateful Cancer Patient Dedicates Herself to Helping Others

    Pregnant with her first child, 24-year-old Ilene Goodman was happily preparing for parenthood and looking forward to being a new mom. Around her seventh month, she began to be bothered by swelling in her feet and legs and difficulty breathing...

  • Wilmoth

    Kathy Wilmoth

    Esophageal Cancer Patient Thrives After Challenging Combination Treatment

    Kathy Wilmoth will never forget Halloween, 2007. The 57-year-old Eastern Shore resident had spent a summer going to multiple doctor visits trying to pin down the cause of her loss of weight, chest discomfort and inability to eat. She finally saw a gastroenterologist who did an upper endoscopy and took biopsies of her esophagus...