Physicians & Staff

The Genitourinary Oncology team specializes in treating and caring for patients with bladder, kidney, penile, prostate and testicular cancer.

The multidisciplinary treatment team includes:

  • urologists
  • medical oncologists
  • radiation oncologists
  • surgical oncologists
  • pathologists
  • nurses
  • nutritionists

Radiation Oncology:

Pradip Amin, MD
Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology
Special Interests: Genitourinary Tumors; Brain Tumors; Gamma Knife; Musculoskeletal/Soft Tissue Oncology; Cancer
Medical Degree:Topiwala National Medical College of India
Internship:Topiwala National Medical College of India - Internal Medicine
Residency:University of Maryland Medical System - Radiation Oncology
Certification: Radiation Oncology
410-328-6080 / appointments
410-328-8995 / academic office



Shahed N. Badiyan, MDShahed N. Badiyan
Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology
Special Interests: Proton therapy for: Breast, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Gynecologic, Head and Neck, and Thoracic Cancers; also treats pediatric cancer
Medical Degree: University of Texas Southwestern School of Medicine
Residency: Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, Washington University
Certification: Radiation Oncology
410-369-5200 / appointments

Adeel Kaiser, MD
Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology
Special Interests: genitourinary/prostate, head and neck cancers
Medical Degree: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Residency: University of California Irvine Integrated Radiation Oncology Program 
Certification: Radiation Oncology
410-328-6080 / appointments



Young Kwok, MD
Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology
Special Interests: Central Nervous System; Genitourinary Oncology; Lymphoma
Medical Degree:Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Internship:Beth Israel Medical Center of NYC - Internal Medicine
Residency:University of Maryland Medical System - Radiation Oncology
Certification: Radiation Oncology
410-328-6080 / appointments
410-328-2324 / academic office

Zeljko Vujaskovic, MD, PhD
Professor of Radiation Oncology
Director, Division of Translational Radiation Sciences

Special Interests: Genitourinary malignancies with a special interest in Prostate Cancer; Therapeutic interventions/strategies to prevent, mitigate, or treat radiation injury; Radiation-related normal tissue injury
Medical Degree: University of Zagreb School of Medicine
Internship: Medical Centre, Karlovac, Croatia
Residencies: Military Medical Academy, Belgrade, Serbia; Medical Centre, Karlovac, Croatia
Fellowship: University of Colorado Cancer Center
Certification: Radiation Oncology
800-492-5538 / appointments
410-328-6080 / academic office

Mark Vikas Mishra, MD
Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology
Special Interests: CNS and Lung 
Medical Degree: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Residency: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Radiation Oncology
Fellowship: Clinical Research Fellow, National Institute of Health
410-328-6080 / appointments
410-328-2318 / academic office

Medical Oncology:

Arif Hussain, MD
Professor of Medicine
Special Interests: Solid Tumors; Urologic Oncology; Cancer
Medical Degree: Howard University College of Medicine
Internship: Washington Hospital Center - Internal Medicine
Residency: Washington Hospital Center - Internal Medicine
Fellowship: University of Maryland Cancer Center - Hematology/Oncology
Certification: Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology
410-328-7904 / appointments
410-328-3911 / academic office

Heather D. Mannuel, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Special Interests: Medical Oncology, Genitourinary Cancer
Medical Degree: University of Maryland School of Medicine
Residency: University of Maryland School of Medicine - Internal Medicine
Fellowship: University of MD Medical System - Hematology/Oncology
Certification: Internal Medicine
410-328-7904 / appointments
410-328-2567 / academic office


Andrew C. Kramer, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
Special Interests Bladder Cancer; Pre-Transplant Polycystic Nephrectomy; Male Infertility and Vasectomy Reversal; Erectile Dysfunction; Penile Implantation
Medical Degree: University of Maryland School of Medicine
Internship: Boston University Medical Center - General Surgery
Residency: Boston University Medical Center - Urology
Fellowship: Boston University Medical Center - Repro. Endocrinology
Certification: Urology
410-328-5300 / appointments
410-328-5544 / academic office

Michael J. Naslund, MD
Professor of Surgery
Director, Maryland Prostate Center
Head, Division of Urology

Special Interests: Prostate Cancer Treated with Prostatectomy or Brachytherapy using Radioactive Seed Implants; Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or Enlarged Prostate treated with Transurethral Needle Ablation (TUNA) or Medications; Prostate Disease; Cancer
Medical Degree: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Residency: The Johns Hopkins Hospital - General Surgery
Fellowship: The Johns Hopkins Hospital - Urology
Certification: Urology
410-328-5300 / appointments
410-328-0800 / academic office

Michael W. Phelan, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
Director, Urological Laparoscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgery

Special Interests: Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy; Laparoscopic Nephrectomy; Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy; Renal Cryosurgery; Kidney and Ureteral Calculi; Percutaneous Stone Surgery; Laparoscopic Prostatectomy
Medical Degree: Boston University School of Medicine
Internship: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center - General Surgery
Residency: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center - Urology
Fellowship: University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine - Endoscopy & Laparoscopic Surgery
Certification: Urology
410-328-5300 / appointments
410-328-2887 / academic office

Mohummad M. Siddiqui, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Director, Urologic Robotic Surgery

Special Interests:Laparoscopic Prostatectomy; Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer
Medical Degree: Harvard Medical School
Internship: Massachusetts General Hospital - General Surgery
Residency: Massachusetts General Hospital - Urology
Fellowship: National Cancer Institute - Urologic Oncology
Certification: Urology
410-328-5300 / appointments
410-328-6422 / academic office

Core Resources:

Genetic Counseling:

Jessica Scott, MGC
Certified Genetic Counselor

Clinical Nutrition Services:

Jenny TaylorJenny Taylor, RD, LDN, CNSD
Senior Dietitian

Psychosocial Services:

Patricia Widra, MDDr. Patricia Widra
Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Special Interests: Anxiety Disorders; Consultation Liaison Psychiatry; Perinatal Mood; Women's Mental Health
Medical Degree: Rutgers University Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Residency: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Psychiatry
866-408-6885 / appointments