Patient Benefits

The TrilogyTM System provides the most precise and powerful cancer treatment technology currently available anywhere.

Trilogy is capable of delivering all forms of external beam radiation therapy in one machine. This means that our physicians can offer patients all the available treatment options using the most advanced technology available.

For patients, this increased accuracy and power means:

  • faster treatments
  • greater comfort
  • fewer side effects
  • the potential for better outcomes

Even very small tumors can now be treated more quickly, easily and effectively, with less damage to healthy tissue.

The TrilogyTM System is designed to compensate for any movements a patient might make during treatment, as well as normal breathing motion. During Trilogy treatments, patients can continue to breathe naturally, reducing stress and increasing comfort.

Benefits of treatment with Trilogy include:

  • Significantly less radiation exposure to normal tissue
  • Higher doses of radiation to the target without harming the surrounding healthy tissue
  • Optimal number of beam angles delivered to the treatment site with sub-millimeter accuracy
  • Pinpointing the best moment in a patient's breathing cycle to turn on the beam
  • Shortened treatment time

To learn more about treatment with The TrilogyTM System at UMGCC, please call the Department of Radiation Oncology at 800-888-8823.