Lahila Ojeda

Lahila BarzolaLahila-Carina Ojeda, M.D.
Medical School: Stony Brook University School of Medicine

A little about myself. . .

I was born and raised in New York City. I grew up in Queens, went to high school in the Bronx (Bronx Science '04) , and went to college in Manhattan (Columbia College '08). I ventured a little away from home when I went to Stony Brook University for medical school. Moving to Baltimore was a welcomed change of scenery and honestly the people at UMMC are the number one reason why I wanted to come here. I am nervous and excited to embark on a journey where a child's health is my responsibility. Yet I blessed by this privilege. 

I continue to be young at heart. I love to dance to any kind of music, salsa, merengue, rhumba, samba, waltz, jive, foxtrot, and hip hop. I make amigurumi which are crocheted stuffed animals. I'm also an avid baker and cook. During residency I expect to work and play hard, the perks of being a pediatrician is your patients are fun little kids.