Christopher Lemon

Christopher Lemon, M.D.Christopher Lemon, M.D.

Undergraduate: The College of William and Mary

Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine

A little about myself. . .

The B.C. ("Before Clean-shaven") Era:

Born in Portland, OR, I bounced around the country for several years as the son of a Federal employee, landing in Frederick, MD, for kindergarten. People described me as a mature child, thoughtful, careful, and pensive; not surprisingly, I was also the kid who ran the opposite direction of the soccer ball and picked clover in right field. Using the circa 1992 20lb home-video camera, I made documentaries on the Latin names of dinosaurs, and training videos for ghost-busters plasma equipment. Thank God you-tube did not exist 20 years ago.

Eventually, I hit a growth spurt and found greater success in sports when I did NOT run from the ball. I played basketball and began running competitively but maintained my creative side, being named most-artistic in my high school. Needless to say, I began to notice that I spent time in several VERY different social circles-- a trend that continues to present.

For all intents and purposes, my younger sister and I grew up in the typical, middle-class, two-parent suburban household. Childhood was good.

The A.D. ("After De-follicularization") Era:

Shortly before graduating high-school, one of my female friends commented that she thought I had a tiny bald spot forming on the top of my head, to which one of my teammates and I disagreed (ironically, he's now bald too). I packed up and headed off to College at William & Mary in Virginia where I quickly realized that she was right and I was wrong and I began buzzing my head and after a Halloween as Mr. Clean, the bic razor came to stay. The old nickname from my chunky-cheeked childhood, "Lemonhead", came right back to haunt me with my new haircut. However, I took it to heart.

The Lemonhead got very involved on campus, including medical relief trips abroad, leading me to help develop a NGO in the Dominican Republic, leading to my interdisciplinary major and thesis, as well as several adventures. I also involved myself in campus-programming, worked at the student coffee shop, played IM sports, and generally catered to my ADHD. Medical school was the next logical step and I returned to the Maryland for four wonderful years where my activities, and my social circles, continued to be a beautiful chaos.

Given a wonderful childhood and a need for variety and excitement, I ranked the University of Maryland, EM-Peds program #1. I will spend the next five years, floating back and forth between the two departments, satisfying my need for both hugs and a healthy dose of cynicism. Keeping me balanced is the one girl who caught my attention in high school. I timidly asked her to sophomore homecoming, and through a decade of changes and long-distance, she married me in my fourth year of medical school. We agree that my peds patients are all the children we need for the time-being!