Pediatric Headache Clinic

The University of Maryland Children's Hospital is home to one of the first pediatric headache clinics in the United States. When it opened in 1989, The UMMC Pediatric Headache Clinic was only the second clinic in the United States exclusively dedicated to headache problems in children, and it remains one of the only clinics in the mid-Atlantic region.

At the clinic, patients from the mid-Atlantic states and beyond come in for evaluation and treatment, and to give patients and families the tools to help cope with and treat headaches in children and adolescents.

Jack Gladstein, M.D., director of the Pediatric Headache Clinic, sees patients ranging in age from 3 to 18. These children experience a range of headache pain, including migraines, chronic daily headaches and headache complications from other conditions like inflammatory bowel disease and abdominal pain. Dr. Gladstein is also an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He participates in clinical research along with other pediatric headache specialists.

Patients are often referred to the UMCH's Pediatric Headache Clinic by their primary care physicians. When a child or adolescent comes to the clinic, they meet with Dr. Gladstein. He takes a thorough "headache history," performs a physical examination and assesses the best treatment options. Those options range from medications to relaxation techniques.

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