The Making of a Fire Safety Rap

Photo of a cameraman recording a man speaking to kids

The Baltimore SAFE KIDS Coalition at the University of Maryland Children's Hospital and members of the Baltimore City Fire Department have joined forces to create a fire safety rap video as a public service announcement. One Saturday in February, the Old Town Fire Station in downtown Baltimore became a music video set for the video. Seven children and several firefighters performed starring roles in the video.

The need for fire safety information is great. During the first two and a half months of 2004 in Baltimore City, 13 people died in fires, including 7 children. Among these deadly house fires, nine homes did not have working smoke alarms. There was one instance when instead of getting out of the house, a child perished in the fire while hiding underneath his bed.

The goal of the rap is to help save lives by educating the public, and children in particular, about fire prevention and what to do in case of a fire.

The rap video addresses the danger of tampering with matches and getting out of a house when the smoke alarm beeps.