Conjoined Twins

Photo of the conjoined twins as babies

In April of 2002, a 35-member team from the University of Maryland Hospital for Children successfully separated 6-month-old conjoined twin girls from Africa. This was the second successful separation of conjoined twins performed at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Operations attempting to separate conjoined twins are very rare, complex and risky procedures, which is why these cases receive worldwide media attention and interest.

We've created this educational resource to increase your understanding of conjoined twins and to learn about our successful separations. Click on any of the links below for more information.

Loice and Christine Onziga

Facts About Conjoined Twins

Find out how they are formed, the classifications/types and history of conjoined twins, relevant statistics and much more.

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Onziga Twins Successfully Separated at UM Medical Center in April, 2002

Photo of doctors holding separated babies

Get detailed information on the complicated, 12-hour procedure, in which 6-month old twins from Africa were successfully separated. Also, learn how they came to the University of Maryland Medical Center for the operation.

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Formerly Conjoined Twins Lead Healthy, Normal Lives

Seventeen years ago, 2-month-old conjoined twins Ciera and Tiera Bennett were successfully separated at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Today, the girls are healthy, typical 11th graders who are doing well in school and preparing for college.

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Loice and Christine
Twins at 2 years

On April 11, 2004, "Dateline NBC" aired a story about the Onziga twins, who were separated at the University of Maryland Medical Center in 2002. Click here for an update on the Onziga girls, who are now living in the United States.