Computed Tomography (CT)

ctSCannerphilipsA CT scan is a quick and simple diagnostic tool that physicians use to see inside the body. The CT scan is a non- invasive test that uses x-rays to visualize your organs. Your doctor will request a CT scan with or without contrast media. Contrast media is sometimes needed to highlight certain organs so they can be seen. The information received from a CT scan can be used by a physician to rule out or diagnose the presence of any abnormalities or ailments. The diagnosis received from a CT can be very vital in determining a course of treatment.

A CT scanner offers several advantages:

  • Clear and detailed images in a matter of seconds.
  • Timely results, so your doctor can detect and treat diseases as soon as possible.
  • Quick scan times that alleviate discomfort or anxiety.
  • Philips Dose Wise technology that minimizes your radiation dose.
  • A CT scanner that accommodates patients of various shapes and sizes.

Our CT department offers a wide array of exams. Cardiac Scoring and Virtual Colonoscopy are two of the screening procedures that are available.