Awards and Presentations

Current Resident Awards, Posters and Presentations

Dr. Cindy Mi presented “Sudden monocular vision loss at high altitude” at the American Society of Retina Specialists, Women in Retina Case Conference, 2014.

Dr. Cindy Mi presented "Long-term Follow-up of Intraocular Pressure After Vitrectomy" at the American Ophthalmological Society Meeting, 2014.

Dr. Erica Archer presented "Ipratropium-Induced Mydriasis: A Possible Exception to the Current Anisocoria Diagnostic Pathway" at NANOS Annual Meeting, 2015.

Dr. Katherine Duncan was awarded a 2014 Richard Lindstrom Grant from the Eye Bank Association of America for her work entitled “The Efficacy and Safety of Amphotericin B additives in Optisol GS.” She also won “Best Paper of Session” for the same project.

Dr Katherine Duncan presented "Peribulbar botulinum toxin as a treatment for symptomatic opsoclonus inoculopalatal myoclonus" at NANOS, 2015.

Dr. Katherine Duncan "The effect of light exposure on the efficacy and safety of Amphotericin B in Optisol-GS corneal storage media" at ARVO, 2015.

Dr. Jordan Margo presented "Ruptured Globe Injuries Presenting With High IOP Associated With Poor Visual Outcomes" at ARVO Annual Meeting, 2015.

Dr. Jordan Margo presented "A Novel OPA 1 Mutation in Autosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy (ADOA)" at NANOS Annual Meeting, 2015.

Dr. Jordan Margo presented "Persistent Electroretinography Changes Following Intravitreal Ocriplasmin (Case Presentation)" at Atlantic Coast Retina Club (ACRC) Annual Meeting, 2015.

Dr. Nishant Soni was awarded an ASCRS Foundation Research grant for his project entitled "Preservation of the corneal epithelium in Optisol vs. Life 4°C corneal storage media."

Dr. Eva Devience was awarded  2015 ASCRS Foundation Research Grant for "Effect of Phacoemulsification Time on IOP Reduction." 

Dr. Eva Devience was awarded 2015 Best Paper of Session, 2015 ASCRS Conference for "Effect of Intraoperative Factors on IOP Reduction after Phacoemulsification."

Dr. Sid Schechet was awarded The American Ophthalmological Society “Charitable, Educational and Scientific Trust Fund” (AOS-CES) educational scholarship award, May 2015.

Dr. Sid Schechet presented “Endogenous Endophthalmitis: One Eye Followed by the Other” at the American Ophthalmological Society 151st Annual Meeting, 2015.

Dr. Sid Schechet presented “Optic neuritis as an initial diagnostic clue to a systemic disease” at the American College of Physicians - Maryland region annual associates meeting, Baltimore, MD, May 2014.