Factors Affecting Our Skin

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Factors Affecting Our Skin

  • Intrinsic: Biological or internal factors that affect the skin such as genetics, stress, alcohol, sleep deprivation, vitamin deficiency, improper nutrition, dehydration, hormones, loss of collagen and elastin, slowing cell turnover rate, microcirculation, decreased production of melanin, loss of fat, shrinking bones, various medical conditions and fragile blood vessels.

  • Extrinsic: External factors that affect the skin such as sun/UV ray exposure, free radicals, smoke and other air pollutants, harsh weather conditions, poor maintenance, lack of at-home skin care and misuse of products. 

  • Mechanical: Kinetic (movement) factors that affect the skin such as facial expressions, sleeping positions, gravity, and the act of smoking.

Counteracting the ill-effects of these detrimental factors can be done by implementing healthy skin habits into your everyday life. Some of these practices include basic rules for healthy living, such as avoiding smoke and other pollutants and implementing healthy nutritional guidelines into your daily routine. Others include a proper at-home skin care regimen and protection from harmful UV rays. Also, appropriate aesthetic treatments can reverse the signs of aging that repetitive facial movement, loss of collagen and elastin, and slowing cell turnover cause as we age. Please visit our Facial Plastics website for more information about treatment options available at Maryland Facial Plastic Surgery.

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