Our Residents


Samantha Bosse
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Undergrad: Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education
Med School: Albany Medical College
Hobbies: arts and crafts and outdoor sports
What you like about Baltimore/UFM: My co- residents are wonderful and they are a great support system.

Zein Farhat
Hometown: Tyr, Lebanon
Undergrad/Med school: University of Balamand, Lebanon
Hobbies: I enjoy swimming, beach volleyball and bbq-ing.
What you like about Baltimore/UFM: Baltimore is my second Home. Lovely people, busy city, good food, and good mood... Cheers!

Otibhor Igene
Hometown : Born in Nigeria, relocated to Maryland in 2002.
Undergrad : University of Maryland, College Park
Medical School : American University of Antigua
Hobbies : I enjoy shopping, trying new foods, spending time with my family and friends.
What you like about Baltimore/UFM: I love Baltimore's culture, arts, and its diversity.

Marissa Moultrie
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Undergrad: University of South Carolina
Med School: Medical University of South Carolina
Hobbies: traveling, reading, spending time with family
What you like about Baltimore/UFM: I love the diversity of Baltimore and its close proximity to other major cities. There is always something to do when I have time off from work. My fellow co-interns have also made this experience a great one!

Kevin O'Malley
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Undergrad: UMBC
Med School: University of Maryland
Hobbies: Biking, cooking, running, dancing, traveling, kung fu, playing music
What you like about Baltimore/UFM: Baltimore is a great city with an amazing and diverse collection of neighborhoods. We have a great arts scene, a beautiful waterfront, parks, a great restaurant scene and there are a ton of fun things to do around the year. It's small enough that there are lots of opportunities to build community and big enough so that there's always something new to explore. I was a student at Maryland and rotating through UFM was one of my favorite experiences of medical school. We service a great community that really needs us. We have a great staff and everyone is here to help to teach.

Erica Parris
Hometown: Upper Marlboro, MD
Undergrad: The George Washington University
Med School: Howard University College of Medicine
Hobbies: Spending time with my family, traveling, hiking, eating, and sleeping (yes that is a hobby).
What you like about Baltimore/UFM: I like spending time with my friends-whether it be at a bar, restaurant, or someone's apartment. I also enjoy attending the various festivals and outdoor activities around the city. And when I have time, I like to catch a game or two at the Orioles stadium.

Marie Pereira
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Undergrad: University of Notre Dame
Med School: A.T. Still University
Hobbies: T.V., my dog
What you like about Baltimore/UFM: Diversity of the patient population, the variety of neighborhoods in the city.

Alexandra Printz
Hometown: Sarasota, FL
Undergrad: University of South Florida
Med School: University of South Florida
Hobbies: Reading, playing music, spending time with family and friends, food!
What you like about Baltimore/UFM: The diversity of our patients, faculty, and peers

Mallika Yavatkar
Hometown: Portland, OR
Undergrad: Scripps College in Claremont, CA
Med School: George Washington University
Hobbies: Reading for pleasure, hiking, biking, open water swimming, and enjoying the outdoors with my golden retriever pup!
What you like about Baltimore/UFM: My interest in serving a diverse, urban underserved population combined with its women's health program drew me to Baltimore and UFM.

Tony Zhou
Hometown: Kansas City, KS
Undergrad: Washington University in St Louis
Med School: University of Kansas
Hobbies: volleyball, programming
What you like about Baltimore/UFM: the opportunity to work with a very unique population  


Patricia Cudjoe, MD
Hometown: East Providence, RI
Undergraduate: Hampton University
Medical school: Howard University
Hobbies/Passions: baking/ outdoor activities
Special interests in FM: obstetrics
What I love about UMMC: The patients! The diversity in clinical sites and my colleagues and attendings.

Riley DuBois, MD
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Undergraduate: Purdue University
Medical School: Indiana University
Hobbies/Passions: Bike riding, hiking, playing with my dog, doing stuff with friends and family, playing basically any sport, especially racquetball, audio-books, and teaching.
What I love about UMMC: The people, the patient population, the city, and all of the opportunities the program provides.

Janel Gordon, MD
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Undergraduate: Winston-Salem State University
Medical School: University of Louisville School of Medicine
Hobbies/Passions: Cooking, Baking, Traveling, the Arts
Special interests in FM: Women's Health, Adolescent Medicine, Preventative Medicine
What I love about UMMC: The people--everyone is so welcoming and helpful!

Kate Goth, MD
Hometown: Medfield, MA
Undergraduate: Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University SOM, Richmond, VA
Hobbies/Passions: I enjoy hiking, biking, traveling, spending time with my friends, family, and new puppy (pit bull named Samantha =)), playing soccer, baking, painting landscapes, and learning photography
What I love about UMMC: There are multiple reasons I chose to come to this residency program. The most important is the people. I truly enjoy spending time with other residents, as well as faculty members at this program. They are incredible role models, who genuinely enjoy teaching. In addition, the diverse patient population in Baltimore makes the learning opportunities endless.

Gregory Jaffe, MD
Hometown: Westport, CT
Undergraduate: University of Michigan (Go Blue!)
Medical School: University of Michigan (Go Blue!)
Hobbies/Passions: I follow college football, college basketball and pro football pretty closely (I used to be a Michigan sports blogger), but honestly love sports in all forms. I also enjoy music and have been in 4 a cappella groups and several choirs in undergrad and med school. I'm interested in photography as well, particularly film photography.
Special interests in FM: sports medicine and adolescent medicine
What I love about UMMC: First and foremost, my terrific co-residents: a very smart, diverse group of people and interests, all with a common goal of serving the West Baltimore community and becoming great family docs. I also really enjoy Baltimore. Baltimore is not only a fun and unique city with a ton of character, but it is home to a community that is in dire need of primary care. I liked that, as a family medicine doctor, you can make a real impact here. Overall: great people, great place, great program!

Chrissy Jones, MD
Hometown: Downingtown, PA
Undergraduate: Carnegie Mellon University
Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine
Hobbies/Passions: Sports, Running, Movies, Concerts
Special Interests in FM: Sports medicine, Women's health
What I love about UMMC: Diverse experiences and patient population, opportunity to work with many different attendings and co-residents, teaching environment, sense of community.

Ruth Kagwima, MD
Hometown: Baltimore Maryland
Undergraduate: Cornell University
Medical School: Ohio State University
Hobbies/Passions: I enjoy distance running, tango, salsa, national geographic animal documentaries, the beach, swimming, photography, cooking, trying out new restaurants.
Special interests in FM: I’m interested in urban underserved populations, women’s health, preventative community based research projects.
What I love about UMMC: The people and the strong sense of camaraderie. Everyone loves what they do and are passionate about this special community we serve. There are so many opportunities to explore a wide variety of interests and improve any particular skill set being uniquely positioned at a major academic institution as well as at a community hospital. It truly is an honor to be part of such place and I’m so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow as part of this department in my home town.

Laureen Pinal, MD, MBA
Hometown: Weehawken, NJ
Undergraduate: Rutgers University- Newark
Medical School: Drexel University
Hobbies/Passions: Salsa dancing
Special interests in FM: Global health
What I love about UMMC: My love for this program stems from its patient diversity, collegiate and warm working environment, and its capacity to allow me to be autonomous so that I may continue to cultivate my skills as a physician.

Dea Sloan, MD
Hometown: Pfafftown, NC
Undergraduate: Hampton University
Medical School: University of Maryland SOM
Hobbies/Passions: knitting, traveling, baking
Special interests in FM: adolescent medicine and women's health
What I love about UMMC: I love how diverse the faculty are; no matter your specific interests within Family Medicine there is a faculty member that is well versed and can help you navigate that area. The faculty are also very passionate, which is wildly contagious. My exposure here at Maryland during medical school helped shaped my career choice and that is due to the love the faculty have for this discipline. Lastly, Maryland Family Medicine stuck out to me because we are exposed to all kinds of patient populations: urban and suburban from all socioeconomic classes. The variety of patients influences how proficient I will be in addressing all types of medical and social issues that arise from varied patient populations.


Cat Chamberlain MD
Hometown: Texas
Undergraduate: Austin College in Sherman, TX
Medical School: Brown Medical School
Passions/ Hobbies: I am in the NHSC and I have a strong interest in urban underserved. I was drawn to UM because of their work in the inner city as well as their comprehensive women's health training. I am excited to be a part of new initiatives for our women's health program! Having lived in Baltimore before, I am so excited to be back -- this is a vibrant city with so much culture, activities, art, and other things happening. Interests outside of medicine include spending time with my new pitbull mix (Obi -- named after a certain Star Wars character), watching the Cowboys, indoor and outdoor gardening, running, and brewing homemade beer.

Britanne Doss MD
Hometown: Chantilly, VA
Undergraduate: University of Virginia
Medical School: Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Hobbies/ Passions: traveling, sailing, working out, good food, hanging out with hubby and family
What I love about the Univ of MD Family Medicine Residency: Urban underserved medicine, great faculty and residents

Sarah Meyers MD
Hometown: Potomac, MD
Undergraduate: University of Maryland, College Park
Medical School: Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Hobbies/ Passions: I have strong interests in health and human rights, global health, and chronic infectious diseases. In my spare time, I like biking, hiking, painting, and crafts like sewing.
What I love about the Univ of MD Family Medicine Residency: great teachers and role models, immersion in an urban underserved population.

Richard Chang MD
Hometown: Yorktown, NY
Undergraduate: Carnegie Mellon University
Medical School: New York Medical College
Hobbies/ Passions: Running, playing with my dogs, NY giants!
What I love about the Univ of MD Family Medicine Residency: My fellow residents, the excellent faculty, and the city of Baltimore!

Elena Beidler MD
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Undergraduate: UNC- Biology and Art History
Medical School: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Medicine
Hobbies/ Passions: I love being outdoors during any free time I can get: hiking, running, biking, swimming are a few of my favorites. I enjoy spending time with my dog, Zora, baking delicious treats, knitting, and reading. Baltimore has tons of unique restaurants and concerts to explore! My special interests in family medicine are geriatrics and behavioral health - I hope to do a geriatric fellowship after residency.
What I love about the Univ of MD Family Medicine Residency:
-My co-interns are so interesting and different from one another. We make it a priority to get together for happy hours, cookouts, and O's games :)
-We work in multiple clinical sites which is a great learning experience.
-Our attendings have a wide variety of interests, including women's health, global health, urban medicine, procedures, and OB.
-Baltimore is a great place to train. There is never a dearth of interesting patients.

Beatrice Digen MD
Hometown: Maryland. I was born in the south of Russia and spent most of my childhood in Liberia and Guinea.
Undergraduate: UMBC
Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine
Hobbies/ Passions: I love to travel, Salsa, travel, cooking, Zumba, tennis
What I love about the Univ of MD Family Medicine Residency: The people! Our patients, my co-residents and the faculty.

Linda Chacko MD
Hometown: Eldoret, Kenya and Quarryville, PA
Undergraduate: Dickinson College
Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine
Hobbies/ Passions: Spending time with my husband and family, cooking/baking, watching TV, traveling. I have a passion for the urban underserved community.
What I love about the Univ of MD Family Medicine Residency: The people, the community, and the opportunities.

Geden C. Franck MD
Hometown: The Great Miami, Florida
Undergraduate: Emory University
Medical School: Florida State University School of Medicine
Hobbies/ Passions: I have a Passion for Mentoring, Helping Others, Constant Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, Playing Sports, Movies, Working out, Fashion and awesome Friends
What I love about the Univ of MD Family Medicine Residency: By far the amazing staff, faculty and residents.
Favorite quote: Good, Better, Best, never let it rest until your good becomes your better and your better becomes your Best!

Amna Choudry MD, MPH 
Hometown: Edmond, Oklahoma
Undergraduate: BS biology, BA political science Oklahoma City University
Medical School: University of Oklahoma School of Medicine
Hobbies/ Passions: writing, rock climbing, traveling, exploring. Cooking. Thunder Basketball! Football and soccer!
What I love about the Univ of MD Family Medicine Residency: It’s half community half urban medicine. The patient population is great to learn from, you will be prepared for anything. I love my co-interns, we have become best friends and family.
Pets: I love my kitten Paddington, he currently knows sit, and is working on fetch.