Patient Success Stories

  • Rakita and Maddison Ames

    Rakita Ames was 22 weeks pregnant when she learned her baby had a congenital heart defect. Once she was born, baby Maddison needed open heart surgery to correct her condition. Despite the odds, Maddison is happy, healthy and meeting her developmental milestones. 

  • 4-chamber-Fetal-Heart

    Making the Diagnosis in Utero Saves Baby

    Kaitlyn, a young mother of three, was shocked and heartbroken when her doctors discovered a rare genetic disorder with her fourth pregnancy.

  • Faith Taylor

    I found out about my daughter’s CHD diagnosis five months into my pregnancy. I was in disbelief because I had never heard of congenital heart defects. The feeling of thinking “have I done something wrong” or “will my baby be okay” is a constant thought in the mind of a mom expecting a child who’s born with a uniquely formed heart.

  • Lucas Clark

    Natalie Clark was ecstatic to discover she was expecting her third child, and it started out like any other normal pregnancy. When she received her first trimester sonogram at Upper Chesapeake Medical Center, her 12 week scan turned out fine. At 20 weeks, however, her scan revealed that the baby may be showing symptoms of a fetal heart condition.