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Fellowship Conferences:

ID Clinical Case Conference (weekly) 
Every week, two fellows each present the case of a patient with an interesting or rare infection, often with challenging diagnostic or treatment decisions. Fellows are tasked to ask a crucial clinical questions and then review the pertinent literature on the topic. These conferences generate lively discussion, providing the fellows with insight into the varied approaches to patient management. 

Research and Pathogenesis Conferences (monthly)
These conferences take the place of one Case Conference each month. Fellows present an in-depth evaluation of a disease state or their original research.  

Microbiology Rounds (twice monthly)
Fellows attend rounds in the microbiology lab with Dr. Johnson every other week. Rounds consist of a mix of didactic and lab based instruction. Current clinical cases of interest are highlighted and explored.  

Journal Club (monthly)
Journal club discussions are led by an assigned fellow, who chooses a recent publication to review with faculty input as needed. Fellows gain experience reviewing the literature and leading group discussions, which include input from faculty with expertise in the subject area and with expertise in epidemiology. 

IHV Case Conference (monthly except during the summer)
This conference focuses on issues in the management of HIV infected patients. Faculty, fellows, and community HIV providers present cases with diagnostic or treatment challenges. Cases are chosen to generate discussion, provide feedback and advice to the presenter, and highlight important teaching points. 

Didactic ID Conference (weekly)
Weekly lectures are given by our ID faculty in their areas of expertise. Emphasis is given to core lectures on common infections early in the year, with reviews of rare diseases later in the year. Through this lecture series, fellows receive instruction on the majority of topics covered on the ID boards. 

Other ID Conferences (once monthly)
Conferences on difficult HIV management cases, morbidity & mortality, and fellow-guided ID board review also occur monthly on a rotating basis. 

Additional Conferences available:

Department of Medicine 
Grand Rounds (weekly)
Morning Report (daily) 

IHV General Staff Research conference (weekly)
IHV Journal Club (monthly)

Center for Vaccine Development
CVD Research Seminar

Pediatric ID Clinical Conference

Department of Epidemiology
Grand Rounds (weekly)