Breast Augmentation and Liposuction

Photo of Deanne Ford
Deanne Ford

Plastic Surgery Patient Says "Dr. Silverman Truly Changed My Life."

My name is Deanne Ford. I wanted to share my thoughts on the impact Dr. Ronald Silverman and his medical staff have had on my life throughout the past five months. Let me start by sharing a few facts about myself. I am 43 years old and have been a little on the “thick” side all of my life. In May 2003, I had my daughter and in August 2005, I had my son. Both of my children breast fed for their first year, my daughter a little longer. After I had my son, I was sad and a little disappointed that my breasts appeared to have lost all of their fullness, causing me to wear padded bras in an effort to compensate.

In December 2009, a friend of mine recommended that I call the University of Maryland Medical Center or check out their Web site to look into having plastic surgery. There was only one reason I didn't pursue this option sooner, and that was fear.

When I made my initial consultation with Iyana in Dr. Ronald Silverman's office, I immediately felt that the person on the other end of the phone cared about me. I wasn't just another number or prospective client. When I came to their office, I was welcomed by Pat and treated special, like they really wanted to understand why I was there and what end results I was trying to achieve.

I talked to Dr. Silverman and told him I wasn't trying to look like I was 25 years old again and as if I never had kids, but I just wanted to feel comfortable and self-assured. In addition to the breast augmentation, I also inquired about liposuction in two areas that were concerns for me -- one was my “baby pouch” and the other was the inside of my knees. I had a 2-3 inch fat pocket that made me appear “knob-kneed” when I walked, even though I wasn't. Dr Silverman explained to me that people are different and carry fat in different places. For example, I don't carry fat in my hips or butt; instead, I carry it in my inner knee area.

After a second appointment, I scheduled my surgery. I took three weeks off of work, and Dr. Silverman and his staff were very understanding of my concerns during this time.

I can now say it was worth every minute and dollar spent! I am self-assured, no longer self-conscious and very comfortable with my decisions and the surgeries, both in the outcomes physically and emotionally.

I have recommended friends to consult with Dr. Silverman's office and assured them they would be as pleased as I was throughout the process. What a fantastic staff and experience I had! I never realized it was even available to me so close to home. I would recommend anyone who is contemplating surgery, or not sure because of fear, to call Dr. Silverman's office. I'm sure they will have a similar experience to mine. I am so grateful to Dr. Silverman and his staff; they have truly helped change my life.