Mission and Principles of Care

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Our Mission

The mission of the Division of Community Psychiatry is to enhance the quality of life of those living in our community by delivering high quality mental health and substance abuse services to children, adults and families. We are committed to creating an atmosphere that encourages respect, individual & professional growth, teaching, research and collaborative relationships across all levels of the organization and the community. We strive to remain at the forefront of mental health care delivery by developing strategies to ensure our economic viability and the accessibility of services to all members of our community.

Our Approach

The model of recovery is the core of our programs. Staff works in partnership with individuals with mental illness to develop goals and strategies that allow a person to manage their illness and recovery their life. There is a strong emphasis on helping people set and pursue personal goals in order to become a productive, healthy and satisfied member of the community.

Our Principles of Care

Individual Potential for Change. We believe that all adults and children have the ability to learn new approaches to life and new means of self-expression. We welcome opportunities to work with our clients to facilitate change, recognize strengths, and instill hope.

Client Self-Determination. We help clients stay in control of the decision-making in their lives, and offer information in language they can understand in order to help them make good decisions.

Consumer Focus. We are sensitive to the changing needs of our clients over time and plan our programs with ongoing input from those we serve. We are dedicated to providing consumer education about their illness as well as about resources and services available to them.

Comprehensive Care. We include the client, family, and interdisciplinary team in a thorough evaluation to determine the totality of the client's needs. We work creatively to meet the needs of the individuals we serve and assist them in reaching their fullest potential.

Careful Coordination Among Programs. We maintain an awareness of our entire service system and the unique contributions of each program so that we can get the client to the most appropriate service. We maintain continuous, open communication among programs.

Community Education and Outreach. We work to inform our community about mental illness to help reduce any stigma which interferes with an individual's pursuit of services, and to draw those in need of treatment to service providers. We provide outreach efforts to those parts of the community in need of mental health education and treatment.

Culturally Appropriate Treatment. We seek a deeper understanding of our own cultures and those of our clients in order to provide services in a culturally sensitive and culturally appropriate manner.

Workforce Diversity. We bring people of different cultures into our workforce in order to bring different world views and different approaches to problem solving to our work environment.

Intellectual Curiosity. Every clinical encounter presents an opportunity to learn something new. We ask questions as we work, and look to the written literature, our co-workers, our colleagues in other fields, and our clients for answers. We offer incentives to clinicians and staff who seek to enhance their skills by returning to the classroom. We strive to incite a spark of intellectual curiosity in every trainee who spends time on our services.

Ethics and Integrity. We encourage the highest ethical and professional standards to provide quality care. We treat the client, the family, and each other with respect at all times.

For general information or inquiries regarding employment opportunities in the Division of Community Psychiatry, please call 410-328- 3414. For appointments or to access services, please call 410-328-6231.