Violence Prevention Programs

The Violence Prevention Program is determined to reduce the frequency and the severity of recidivism for violent injury and criminal activity among persons living in and around Baltimore City. Committed to Dr. King's vision of "The Beloved Community," our services focus on the enhancement of personal strengths, conflict resolution and the development of community relationships.

The VPP includes several component services:

  • Violence Intervention Project (VIP): The nationally recognized and evidence, hospital-based violence intervention program.

  • The Bridge Program: a Domestic Violence Program to break the cycle of intimate partner violence.
  • VPP Educational Programs: The VPP offers two different educational programs tailored tot he needs of our Baltimore City youth with strong focus surrounding decision making and future goal setting.
  • Other donor-specific research projects.


Violence Prevention Program at the Shock Trauma Center
University of Maryland Medical Center
110 S. Paca Street, 3rd floor
Baltimore, MD 21201
410-328-0864 fax

Team Members

  • Tara Reed Carlson, RN, MS
    Business Development Manager 
    R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center 
    Office: 410-328-7347 Cell: 443-462-8849
    [email protected]
  • Erin Walton, MSW, LCSW-C
    Clinical Supervisor, Violence Prevention Program
    Office: 410-328-6078 Cell: 443-681-0209
    [email protected]
  • Bella Catalina Chant, MSN, RN
    Program Coordinator, Violence and Injury Prevention Program
    Office: 410-328-9601 Cell: 410-303-4839
    [email protected] 
  • Kathleen Fanske
    Domestic Violence Intervention Specialist
  • Elisa Gallagher
    Domestic Violence Intervention Specialist
  • Ann Myers, RN
    Intimate Partner Violence Program Coordinator
    Office: 410-328-7197
    [email protected]
  • David Ross
    Violence Intervention Program Case Manager
    Office: 410-328-9833
    [email protected]
  • Leonard Spain
    Violence Intervention Program Case Manager
    Office: 410-328-9833
    [email protected]

Press Inquiries

Office: 410-328-8919
[email protected]

For additional information please email [email protected] or call 410-328-2035.