Donor Diaries

Each year across the U.S., more than 6,000 people donate a kidney or part of their liver to save the life of another. This is called being a living donor. At the University of Maryland Medical Center, we perform nearly 100 living donor transplants every year. Research has shown that the transplanted organ works better when received from a living donor. We put the safety of our living donors first and help them change the lives of the people they love.

What’s it feel like to save a life?  Living donors from the University of Maryland Medical Center share their stories.

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Living Donor Kidney - Kimberly's Story

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is one of many diseases that can cause kidney failure and require a patient to need a transplant.

Kimberly Langenfeld knew that the outcomes from living donor kidney transplants are better than those from deceased donor transplants. She discusses her decision to be a living kidney donor for her father with PKD and how they are both doing after the transplant.

Dr. David Leeser, chief of kidney transplantation at University of Maryland Medical Center, comments on the surgical and emotional aspects of living donation.

Living Donor Kidney - Leia's Story

Paired Kidney Exchange programs create more options for living kidney donors and their intended recipients to be better matched for transplantation. The better the match before transplantation, the better the outcome after.

Living kidney donor, Leia, and kidney patient, Nadine, were not an adequate match for transplantation and entered the Paired Kidney Exchange program. Leia and Nadine immediately gained access to a national network of living donors and recipients with whom they could be better matched for donation and transplantation.

UMMC participates in several Paired Kidney Exchange programs, including the National Kidney Registry, to help increase transplant options for kidney patients with a living donor who is not a match for them.

Living Donor Liver Transplant - Team Story

The outlook for patients with end-stage liver disease is grim. Currently, liver transplantation is the only cure.

However, early intervention can change the course of a patient's health. The team at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) helps patients and their families get in front of liver disease by performing living donor liver transplants before the liver failure progresses and patients become gravely ill.

Watch as UMMC patients, doctors and transplant coordinators discuss the living donor liver transplant process, guidelines for donation, and how living donor liver transplantation helps patients with liver disease to resume normal lives through early intervention.

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