Non-Directed Donor Story

A Transplant Miracle: Non-Directed Kidney Donor Video 

Since birth, Ethan Hatton has battled multiple congenital conditions which eventually caused his kidneys to fail, making a kidney transplant necessary. Because none of his family members were a match, Ethan and his mother Toni Holly had to wait for an anonymous donor to come forward. When Drew Sollenberger expressed his desire to become a non-directed kidney donor, doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Center found his kidney to be a perfect match for Ethan and immediately arranged the transplant for January 19, 2011. Ethan is now home and doing well, thanks to Drew's gift of life. View the videos below to learn more about Drew's decision to become a donor, how the transplant changed Ethan's life, and see the emotional meeting between Drew and Ethan and his mother.

Watch Drew's video.

Non-Directed Kidney Donor Meets Recipient and His Family

After Drew Sollenberger donated his kidney to Ethan Hatton, UMMC arranged a formal meeting between the donor and the recipient. Watch the emotional first-time meeting between Drew and two-year-old Ethan and his mother.