Volumes and Outcomes

University of Maryland performs more liver transplants than any program in the state for fourth year in a row in 2013; team excels in caring for patients with advanced liver failure who often have other complex health issues.

Liver volumes graphic 2013

For the fourth consecutive year, the University of Maryland Division of Transplantation has performed more liver transplants than any other transplant program in the state. Since 2010, the number of liver transplants performed at UMMC has continued to increase from 55 to 90, based in large part on the University of Maryland’s commitment to making transplantation a viable option for the thousands of patients in need across the country.

“The continued growth and success of the liver transplant program at Maryland is due to several factors,” said Rolf Barth, MD, associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and director of liver transplantation at UMMC. “First, we have been able to attract an extraordinarily talented and close knit team of nurses, hepatologists and transplant surgeons who genuinely enjoy working together to change the lives of the families we care for. That intense passion for our daily work is contagious, I think, to these families who look to us to help them navigate some very tough times with their loved ones.

Second, our team of surgeons is giving it their all in the operating room AND in the lab to make sure we are the Center that other programs are looking at to determine the latest and greatest advances in liver transplantation. For example, we are helping more adults change the fates of their loved one by becoming living liver donors – a procedure that requires the most sophisticated surgical training. We are publishing data on new drugs and surgical techniques that can help reduce blood loss and support patients with multi-organ failure. We are investigating new transplantation models that would release us from being dependent on human donors.

Finally, UMMC leadership has helped us add more resources within the hospital to support patients with liver failure. When we get calls from our community partners, asking if we can help their patient, our answer is always yes. It has to be. We are often the end of the line for these very sick patients, and we make it our mission to do everything we can to give them a fighting chance.”

The liver transplant team is part of the Division of Transplantation as well as the University of Maryland Liver Center. Both programs share a goal to provide the most advanced medical and surgical support to patients at every stage of their organ failure and to give patients the best chance for a return to a life of normalcy.

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