Urology Residency Program

The Urology Residency Program's main objective is to educate each trainee to be a complete urologist. The goal is to make any career choice possible to the trainee, whether it be in private practice, clinical academic practice, or urologic research. The finishing Chief Resident should be able to perform the great majority of urologic procedures independently and safely.

Further, the trainee will have an appreciation of the changing nature of the specialty and be able to adapt throughout his career. Besides the simple technical accomplishments, we strive to train urologists with high ethical standards. We expect our trainees to always put the patient's best interests first and to be perfectly honest. As the residency progresses, there is graded patient care and operative responsibility for residents.

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  • Current Residents

    A list of the current residents enrolled in the Urology Residency Program at University of Maryland Medical Center. 

  • Rotations

    A detailed description of Urology Residency Program Rotations sorted year-by-year. 

  • Affiliated Hospitals

    Discover what other medical centers and hospitals that are affiliated with University of Maryland Medical Center and what they can do for UMMC patients. 

  • Clinical Sites

    The UMMC has a non-private clinic of fairly substantial proportions. All patients are either seen or discussed with an attending staff member. Surgical procedures are performed by the residents with attending supervision.
  • Pre Urology Years

    One year of pre-urology training are required as part of the Urology Residency Program at UMMC.

  • Supervision

    In the UMMS residency program, daily rounds are made with an attending physician on all inpatients and consults.

  • Conferences

    A list of urology conferences, including dates, times and locations, that are available to residents of the Urology Program at UMMC. 

  • Research

    Discover the research activities that are crucial to the development of new approaches to both diagnose and treat urologic diseases.

  • Admissions and Consultations

    Find out how residents in the Urology Program contribute to the department by admitting patients and even giving patient consultations. 

  • Medical Students

    Find out what it is like to be a Urology Medical Student at University of Maryland Medical Center.

  • Application Process

    Information on how to apply to be in the Urology Residency Program at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

  • Salary

    Find out the salary and benefits of being a resident in the urology program at University of Maryland Medical center. 

  • Contact Us

    Information on how to contact the Urology Residency Program at the University of Maryland Medical Center.