Medical Students

During the third year clerkship in through the Department of Surgery, medical students have an opportunity to rotate with Urology for 2 weeks. The students can also experience Urology at the Veterans Affair hospital as a part of their sub-specialty rotation as an MS3.

Students from LCME accredited medical schools may elect a one-month rotation and this usually occurs during the months July through November, when residency applications are active. To apply for a one-month elective, please do so using the Visiting Student Application Service ( Applications will be reviewed only when complete and offers will be extended on a first come first serve basis of availability.

Should you have any questions regarding a visiting student elective, please contact Shannon Horne ([email protected]).

The residents are responsible for a great deal of the day-to-day teaching of the medical students. The teaching takes place in the clinic, OR, on the wards, or in small sit-down discussion sessions. There are scheduled lectures for the medical students with attendings and the final clerkship examination contains questions from these lectures.