Blessing By: Susan Carole Roy

As we bless this ground, we stand at a sacred intersection where science and technology meet grace and humanity. As we bless this ground, we set it apart for the special purpose of healing body, mind and spirit.

(Please stand for the blessing)

May the Architect of our Lives:

Bless those whose vision has brought us to this moment. Those who gave form to the void; who labored tirelessly to raise resources; who honed plans and laid a firm foundation.

Bless this ground that gives of itself to support this structure -- the earth teeming with life -- and the soil that calls forth our own mortality. May this building live lightly on this earth, using resources sparingly and respectfully.

Bless those who will construct this building. May they have safe working conditions and may no harm befall them. May the jobs created by this project sustain families who call this city their home.

Bless future generations who will come here to work, young graduates who will dream dreams and the wise tenured that they may still see visions, that all might experience meaning and purpose in their work. Cement the past and the future with the present that we may be of one accord in our mission.

Bless the construction of open spaces and healing gardens to breathe the fresh air of cold, winter snow and humid, summer nights; to feel wind on face and rain on skin; that there may be a balm in Gilead.

Bless this structure that it might be strong enough to hold a parent's grief and porous enough to allow our own humanity to seep through our sterile procedures. May it pulsate with our good deeds and may it flow with justice and compassion for all who seek healing within its walls.

Let the people say "Amen."

About the Speaker

Reverend Dr. Susan Carole Roy is the director of the Department of Pastoral Care Services at the University of Maryland Medical Center. She is a board-certified chaplain and a member of the Association of Professional Chaplains. Some of her special interests include leadership, department development and pastoral care to patients, families, and staff members at UMMC.