Frequently Asked Questions

LeapFrog Awards UMM top Hospital for 2012 2012

Although recognition from the Leapfrog Group is a very important and highly acclaimed honor in the health care industry, few patients understand its significance. To help our patients better understand the importance of the University of Maryland Medical Center being named to the Leapfrog Group's "Top Hospital" list seven times, from 2006 through 2012, as well as being named a Leapfrog "Hospital of the Decade," we have prepared answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Leapfrog Group. Please click on the questions listed below to learn more.

Who is the Leapfrog Group?

In 1999, after learning that approximately 98,000 Americans die from preventable medical errors in hospitals every year, several large companies received funding from the Business Roundtable to officially launch the Leapfrog Group in November 2000. The Leapfrog Group is an independently supported organization whose members strive to improve regulations surrounding the quality and value of the health insurance they choose for their employees, retirees and family members. The Leapfrog Group was established to measure and recognize institutions in the health care industry that are working to improve the quality and affordability of care for their patients.


What does the Leapfrog Group do?

The Leapfrog Group's main goals for improving the quality of health care in the United States include:

  • Building transparency within the health care industry
  • Issuing incentives and rewards to those organizations that put their patients first
  • Making health care safer and more effective for both patients and health care employees

This means that the Leapfrog Group collects and publishes information about hospitals' efforts to improve the care they provide to patients, while rewarding those hospitals that strive for excellence and successfully collaborate with others to ensure that the above goals consistently and effectively move toward and improved health care system.


What is the Leapfrog "Top Hospital" award?

The Leapfrog Group has issued "Top Hospital" awards since 2006. To be named as a "Top Hospital," all hospitals are invited to submit their patient safety and quality of care information to be judged in several key areas ("leaps"), including:

According to the Leapfrog Web site, "Research shows that if the first three leaps [CPOE, IPS and Evidence-Based Hospital Referral] were implemented in all urban hospitals in the U.S. we could save over 57,000 lives, prevent as many as 3 million serious medication errors, and save $12.0 billion each year" (Lwin 2008).


What does the "Top Hospital" award mean for patients?

The Leapfrog "Top Hospital" award is recognized as the gold standard for measuring and reporting hospitals' performance in safety, quality and efficiency. Hospitals that have received a Leapfrog "Top Hospital" award are institutions that have been recognized for their efforts to strive for and provide the safest and highest level of care to their patients. These hospitals have willingly submitted their reports to the Leapfrog Group and have consistently provided the safest and highest quality of care to their patients.