2017 Healing Arts Exhibition and Reception

healing arts 2017

Artwork has the power to heal, both for the artist and the audience.

This year marks the 5th year of the Annual UMMC Healing Arts Exhibit, in partnership with the National Arts Program. UMMC employees and their families were invited to submit works in a variety of mediums and compete for prizes. The response this year was phenomenal!

We received a total of 208 pieces in five categories.

  1. Youth: 55 pieces of artwork
  2. Teen: 34 pieces of artwork
  3. Adult Amateur: 72 pieces of artwork
  4. Adult Intermediate: 23 pieces of artwork
  5. Adult Professional: 24 pieces of artwork

A panel of esteemed judges selected honorable mention, third, second and first place winners from each category. In addition to the standard categories, one artist was selected for an Art Education Award. The selected promising artist received a scholarship to use toward her education in the arts.

These winners were honored at a public reception.

All artwork is available for public viewing until November 12, 2017 along the Main and South Routes (Gudelsky and Weinberg hallways).

The Healing Arts Team exists to provide opportunities for integrating art into your daily lives, using art as a forum for growth, self-expression and healing. For more information, visit umm.edu/arts.

healing arts 2017