Scholarly Communication

Instruction in Scholarly Communication may include settings such as Grand Rounds, presentations such as lectures, seminars, conferences, writing abstracts, presenting a poster, and scholarly articles when aspects of these types of communications can be more easily addressed.

Here are a number of other resources that may also be useful to you in the development and implementation of program's approach to competency and outcomes assessment and improvement. The information contained in these approaches reflects those undertaken by your UMMC's colleagues, as well as others in your profession to develop and implement the Interpersonal Skills and Communication competency within their program or institution.

The Bayer Institute seeks to improve the communication between clinician and patient through  three major activities: education, research and advocacy. Other information about their mission and work is found at

The Kenneth B. Schwartz Center supports and advances compassionate health care.  More information about the Schwartz Center at its resources can be found at

Macy Initiative in Health Care Communication is an initiate to develop a state of the art , innovative, comprehensive communication skills curriculum grounded in a set of core competencies that should be mastered by every graduated physician.  More information about the faculty development and other activities is found at

Resources from the American Board of Internal Medicine are found at