Salary and Benefits


University of Maryland Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency graduates

Salary for 2017-2018 is listed below.  A reasonable cost of living increase can be expected for 2017-2018.

  • PGY-1:  $53,256
  • PGY-2:  $55,861
  • PGY-3:  $58,434 
  • PGY-4:  $60,836
  • PGY-5:  $63,209


Interns: 4 weeks of paid leave/year (3 weeks between June 24 and June 23 of the following year PLUS an additional week of vacation June 24-30 for those interns remaining at UMMC).

Residents: 4 weeks of paid leave/year.

Days Off and Personal Half-Days

Residents have a minimum of 4 days off per month while on inpatient rotations, and usually full weekends off while on elective or Ambulatory Blocks.  In addition, residents have 4 personal half-days during elective or Ambulatory Blocks for errands, doctor's visits and other needs.

Book Allowance

$100 during each year of residency. These funds may also be used to purchase software or electronic equipment for educational or clinical use.

Senior Resident Funds for Education and Stipends for National Research Presentations

$750 is available to each senior resident to pay for a conference, educational materials, or the boards.  In addition, residents receive $750 to support their travel expenses if their research abstract is accepted at a national meeting.

Food, Parking, On-call Rooms and Uniforms

IM Residents eating ice cream at the University of Maryland Medical CenterThe Department of Medicine pays for meals while on-call (dinner and breakfast) and for campus parking. Lunch is provided at most noontime conferences. While rotating at Mercy Medical Center, all meals are provided by the hospital. Convenient and safe on-call rooms are readily available at all sites. White coats are provided.


The Department provides interns and upper level residents with optional extra shifts or "moonlighting" opportunities to supplement their salary. Restrictions on duty hours and the amount of moonlighting and allowed per rotation apply.

Details about additional benefits are available through the Office of Graduate Medical Education.

Information about the current contract, application process and all GME policies can be found at the same site.