DAISY Award Honorees

Meet Some of Our Extraordinary Nurses

Learn more about past and present DAISY Award honorees:

Elizabeth Ludicke, BSN, RN | November 2017 Daisy Award winnerElizabeth Ludicke, BSN, RN (November 2017)

Elizabeth was nominated for compassionate care during an end-of-life scenario.

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Katie Connell | University of Maryland Medical Center's October Daisy Award winner for outstanding nursingKatie Connell, BSN, RN (October 2017)

Katie was nominated for maintaining a calm, caring and compassionate attitude under difficult circumstances.

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Johnna Nicewarner September 2017 Daisy Winner

Johnna Nicewarner, BSN, RN (September 2017)

Johnna was nominated for her exceptional care and willingness to help her patient feel more comfortable with their situation.

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Tyler Gilpatrick August 2017 Daisy Winner

Tyler Gilpatrick, BSN, RN (August 2017)

Tyler was nominated for being a team player who consistently has a pleasant and helpful attitude.

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Cassie O'Malley DAISY Nurse Leader AwardCassie O'Malley, MS, RN, OCN (Nurse Leader Award 2017, August)

Cassie was nominated for her maturity and incredible competency in challenging situations.

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Elizabeth Phillips, BSN, RN (July 2017)

Elizabeth was nominated for going out of her way to make her patients feel comfortable.

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Maryann Luksic DaisyMaryann Luksic, BSN, RN (June 2017)

Maryann made her patient feel like "the most special patient in the world."

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Henry Inegbenosun, BSN, RN (May 2017)

Henry was nominated for his gentle demeanor and compassion for his patient and her family.

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Kerry Sue Mueller, MBA, BSN, RN, CCRN (Nurse Leader Award 2017, May)

Kerry Sue is UMMC's first DAISY Nurse Leader Award honoree, which recognizes staff nurse leaders for their outstanding leadership contributions.

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Trauma Resuscitation Unit (Team Award 2017)

A patient who experienced great care from the entire TRU team nominated them for the first annual DAISY Team Award.

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Sandra Howard, RN (April 2017)

A kidney donor thanks Sandra for her excellent communication and advocacy.

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Christiana Casey, RN (March 2017)

Christiana's calm demeanor and amazing care helped one family's newborn survive the night.

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Kerry Smith, BSN, RN (February 2017)

Kerry's quick thinking helped her patient go through the workup process with dignity, and helped his family understand next steps.

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Stephanie Santella, BSN, RN (January 2017)

A family member of one of Stephanie's patients recognized her excellent communication skills and empathetic nature.

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Past Honorees

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