Journal Club

The journal clubs (day and night shifts) meet every other month for one hour (night shift meet for half hour and there are two sessions) and are devoted to reviewing current research about clinical practice. Research findings are presented, discussed, and compared to practice at the Medical Center. When appropriate, practice standards are revised to ensure that best practice is incorporated into patient care. All interested patient care services staff is invited to attend.


The journal club's objectives include:

  • Increasing awareness of staff about clinical advances and best practice through the review and discussion of healthcare research;

  • Providing insight and guidance on how to interpret and critique health care research and integrate findings into clinical practice when appropriate;

  • Introducing concepts of evidence-based practice; and

  • Providing a forum for staff from various clinical areas to network, learn from each other, and discuss practice issues and change management.

2012 Journal Club Schedule 

Day Shift - 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.

  • July 24 - Gudelsky 8 Conference Room 

  • September 25 - Weinberg 1st Floor Learning Center, rooms 6/7 

  • November 27 - Weinberg 1st Floor Learning Center, rooms 6/7