Objectives #1: 
  1. Include faculty on UMMC Clinical Education Council membership
  2. BSN to DNP committee membership to include UMMC RNs and SON Faculty
  3. Explore opportunities to facilitate joint educational activities at the unit and course level
Objectives #2:
  1.  Review common threads across BSN coursework
  2. Recognize pre-reqs needed to aid threads and post-graduation practices.  Plans of study from other top 10 BSN programs being compared to current UMSON pre-reqs conducted; gap analysis conducted.
  3. Ensure Evidence-based Practice (EBP) throughout curriculum.  Courses with EBP content identified in BSN content review.  Plan to incorporate specific activities in each course with curriculum revision.  
  4. Add UMMC membership on the SON Entry Levels Curriculum Committee.
Objective #3: 
  1. Include SON Faculty in Graduate Nurse Advisory Council
  2. Include outcomes from United HealthSystem Consortium (UHC) and CCNE credentialing in BSN Curriculum review
  3. Engage all nursing leadership in the new graduate process.
  4. Review UHC Casey Fink © Results
  5. Explore metrics used in current new graduate programs to measure success in transition to practice
Objective #4: 
  1. Collaborate with UMMC HR re: potential barriers/advantages strategy
  2. Develop specific recruiting strategies for these positions
  3. Use evidenced based approach to define characteristics to screen potential applicants
  4. Implement pilot to allow UMSON Clinical Scholar students to complete NURSE 487 Practicum on a specific unit and to be assigned to the same seminar group
  5. Subgroup formed by UMNursing Entry into Practice to evaluate the program and create improvements (SON/UMMC)
  6. Determine program improvements
  7. Plan pilot groups
  8. Implement program improvements
  9. Determine program outcomes. Outcome measures: Orientation time, Casey – Fink Readiness for Practice Survey © and retention rates
  10. Fall of 2014 plan to implement improvements to all UMSON BSN scholars & UMMC scholar units