Digital Mammography

Images of Film and Digital MammographyOne of the distinctions of the Breast Center is that it offers all-digital mammography. This technology converts X-rays to electronic images of the breast which can be viewed, optimized and stored on a computer. In a recent study, digital mammography was better than traditional film mammography in detecting breast cancer in women under 50 and with dense breasts.

All-digital mammograms mean:

  • faster mammograms, since there's no need to wait for film images to be developed
  • images can be viewed instantly by the technologist and radiologist
  • images can be easily transferred electronically with no loss of image quality
  • computer-assisted optimization helps radiologists detect micro-calcifications that might be missed on traditional film mammograms

Additionally, the Breast Center offers the choice of 3D mammography, an even more advanced form of digital mammography. A 3D mammogram increases detection of invasive breast cancer by up to 40 percent. This newest, most advanced technology also reduces the chance of being called back for more breast imaging.

To schedule your mammogram, call the Breast Center at 410-328-3225.