Bone & Soft Tissue Cancers

  • Anastacio

    Anastacio, originally from El Salvador, thought he had already gone through the toughest times of his life, until he learned he had a chondrosarcoma.

    After seeing multiple experts, he truly thought he didn’t have a chance at life.  It was only after his first appointment with University of Maryland’s Dr. Vincent Ng, Anastacio believed he could beat his cancer.

  • Jailene Reyna

    Jailene Reyna

    Services Help One Young Patient Look and Feel Her Best During Treatment

    In April 2009, Jailene Reyna was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer diagnosed most often in children and young adults. After beginning chemotherapy to treat her illness, Jailene lost all of her hair.

  • Keanan Richardson

    Keanan Richardson

    A young patient battling cancer for the second time inspires his medical team to give him a gift he'll never forget

    Keanan Richardson has experienced more hardship in his 11 years than most people face in a lifetime.