• DNA/RNA Synthesis

    While this was a painstaking decision for us, increased costs, old instrumentation and the availability of a variety of commercial sources for synthetic oligonucleotides made it apparent that this was no longer a cost-effective service.
  • DNA Sequencing

    The Genomics Shared Service offers dye-terminator-based automated DNA sequencing, supported by an Applied Biosystems model 3730XL 96-capillary high-throughput sequencer. 
  • Genotyping Arrays

    Whole Genome Genotyping (Genome-wide association studies) is supported by SNP genotyping arrays that can be run on both the Affymetrix GeneChip 3000 7G system and the Illumina iScan. These chips can interrogate (at the present time) up to 2.5 million SNPs per sample on a single chip.
  • Peptide Synthesis

    Peptide synthesis is supported by a Rainin Symphony 12 channel multiple peptide synthesizer, allowing for synthesis at variable scales ranging from 25mMol to0.5mMol.
  • Peptide/Protein Characterization

    The Genomics Shared Service has a variety of instrumentation for the analysis and characterization of peptides, proteins and a wide range of other molecules. 
  • Gene Expression Arrays

    Our microarray-based gene expression services are supported by an Affymetrix Gene Chip system 3000 7G and an Illumina iScan.
  • Miscellaneous Array-Based Assays

    microRNAs are increasingly shown to play a major role in diseases such as cancer. 
  • Bioinformatics Support for Data Analysis

    The Informatics Resource Center at IGS provides a complete suite of microarray analysis services. We have expertise in processing expression arrays, miRNA arrays, SNP arrays, and methylation array manufactured by Affymetrix as well as Illumina.

  • TaqMan Genotyping

    One fluorescent based method for genotyping small numbers of SNPs is a fluorogenic 5' nuclease chemistry, referred to as the TaqMan method as it uses the same technology used for real-time or quantitative PCR, developed by Applied Biosystems, Inc.

  • Custom Low- to Mid-Plex Genotyping

    The Genomics Shared Service has two options for low- to mid-plex custom genotyping.