Meat the Brain Tumor Team

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E. Francois Aldrich, MB, ChB
Professor of Neurosurgery
Neurosurgical Program Director, Maryland Brain Attack Team

University of Maryland Medical Center neurosurgeon Howard Eisenberg, MD

Howard M. Eisenberg, MD
R.K. Thompson Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery

J. Marc Simard, MD, PhD
Professor Neurosurgery; Professor of Pathology; Professor of Physiology

University of Maryland's Graeme Woodworth

Graeme F. Woodworth, MD
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
Director, Brain Tumor Treatment & Research Center

Medical Oncology

Petr Hausner, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine

Edward A. Sausville, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology


Elias Melhem, MD
Professor of Diagnostic Radiology

Edward Herskovits, MD, PhD
Professor of Diagnostic Radiology

Prashant Raghavan, MD
Associate Professor of Diagnostic Radiology


Jonathon Heath, MD
Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Radiology

Cherry Ho, MD
Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Radiology

Radiation Oncology

William F. Regine MD, FACR, FACRO
Isadore and Fannie Schneider Foxman Chair and Professor of Radiation Oncology

Robert Malyapa, MD, PhD
Professor of Radiation Oncology

Mark Mishra, MD
Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology