Well-Care Visits

In addition to taking your child to the pediatrician when your child is sick, or needs an examination to participate in a particular activity, routine well-care visits are recommended.

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Well-care, well-baby, or well-child visits are routine visits to the child's pediatrician for:

  • physical examinations
  • immunization updates
  • tracking growth and development
  • finding any problems before they become serious
  • information on health and safety issues
  • information on nutrition and physical fitness
  • information on how to manage emergencies and illnesses

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends this schedule for routine well-care visits:

Before new baby is dismissed from the hospital OR
at 48-72 hours of age 
24 months 
2 to 4 weeks  2 years 
2 months  3 years 
4 months  4 years 
6 months  5 years 
9 months  6 years 
12 months  8 years 
15 months  10 years 
18 months  Annually between the ages of
11-21 years