Kendra McDow

Kendra McDow, M.D.Kendra McDow, M.D.

Medical School: Mount Sinai School of Medicine

A little about myself. . .

I was born and raised in Washington, DC. After graduating from high school, I moved to a small town outside of Philadelphia to attend Swarthmore College, where I majored in Biology and Religion. While in college I found my passion for social activism and radio deejaying --- organizing mass voter registration drives, volunteering in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina, deejaying for my college radio station and parties on campus. After my four years of living in the bubble of college, I moved to the Big Apple, to attend The Mount Sinai School of Medicine. There I discovered another love of mine, Pediatrics. After 3 years of medical school, I took a year off to earn a Masters in Public Health from Columbia University and also volunteered in Port-Au-Prince doing post-disaster work.

Outside of the hospital, I enjoy checking out live music acts, skiing, collecting and reading magazines, eating out with friends, cracking jokes with my parents and sister and taking long aimless walks.

I am super excited to be joining the University of Maryland Medical Center Pediatric department for residency! And I am looking forward to the next three years that are bound to be duly challenging and rewarding.