ENT Patient Stories

The University of Maryland Department of Otorhinolaryngology offers a full range of services for patients with ear, nose and throat disorders, including hearing loss, tinnitus, swallowing disorders, snoring problems and sinus ailments. Meet some of our patients and read about their life-changing experiences. These are the sort of success stories that our physicians and staff make possible every day.

Saccular Cyst Patient Makes Full Recovery

Hours after Noah Schultz was born, it was clear that he couldn't breathe correctly. He was turning blue and needed attention quickly.

Dr. Amal Isaiah came to look at Noah and discovered a rare saccular cyst blocking Noah's airways.

Dr. Isaiah performed emergency surgery to save Noah's life.

More ENT Patient Stories


Sarah Chisholm: GERD/Sleep Apnea/Dysphasia patient benefits from multidisciplinary care.

Lisa HildebrandeVoice disorder patient finds cure with the help of UMMC speech language pathologist.

Hearing and Balance

Nancy C.: Tinnitus Patient Finds Treatment to Help Regain Control of Her Life.

George Goebel: Art Teacher Happy to be Back in the Classroom Following Successful Tinnitus Treatment.

Khaliq Winder: Bilateral Cochlear Implants Make “Dramatic Difference” in Child's Ability to Hear

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