University of Maryland Optical Center - 419 Redwood St., 667-214-1111

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  1. Board-Certified Opticians. Feel more confident in your eye care.
  2. Designer Selection. Choose from the biggest names: Gucci, Kate Spade, Tom Ford & many more!
  3. Expanded Inventory. Select from hundreds of frames and contacts.
  4. Convenience. You’re at the same location as your eye care professional.
  5. Wide Insurance Coverage. We accept the most popular plans.
  6. Digital Lenses. The newest technology provides the clearest vision.
  7. Free Adjustments & Cleanings. Drop in and get a spruce up.
  8. Frames Replacement Warranty. One year for all frames that break under normal wearing conditions, at no additional charge.
  9. Trusted Prescriptions. We’ll review your prescription FREE within 30 days.
  10. FPI Employee Discounts & Second Pair Discounts.

The board certified opticians here at University of Maryland Optical Center offer you the right balance of skilled, professional eye care and the finest in eyewear.

Each one is dedicated to your sight and stays on top of the latest in testing and care, as well as contact lenses, spectacle lens materials, tints, designs, and coatings.

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Choose from hundreds of frames in the very latest looks such as: Gucci, Tom Ford, Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, Penguin, & many more!

We are Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Select from an assortment of the most advanced lenses, all customized for you.

Anti-Reflective Coatings. Reduce glare off computer screens and haloes around lights at night.

High-Index Lenses. Offer superior vision in a leaner, lightweight lens, plus an aspheric surface.

Transition Lenses. Help maintain comfortable vision as you go indoors or outdoors, while keeping the sun’s harmful UV rays at bay.

Polycarbonate Lenses. Help you stay active with comfortable high-impact resistant, UV and scratch-resistant lenses. Great for children, sports enthusiasts and monocular patients.

Polarized and Sunwear. Protect you against harmful rays at the beach, on the water, or in the snow.

Progressive Lenses. Let you see clearly at any distance without those annoying (and aging) bifocal or trifocal lines.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 667-214-1111.