Infectious Diseases Fellowship Scholarly Activity

UMMC Infectious Diseases Fellowship Scholarly Activity

To set up a visiting rotation with the UMMC Infectious Diseases Program, email Tara Winterling.

Research is an important component of our Infectious Diseases fellowship training program. There are immense research opportunities at the University of Maryland. The University provides a fertile environment for research in the field of infectious diseases with the home of various institutes and centers (e.g., the Institute of Human Virology, the Institute of Global Health, the Center for Vaccine Development, the Institute of Genome Sciences, etc.)

All fellows are expected to participate in a research project as a component of their education.  Each fellow may choose a project that may be clinical, translational, or laboratory based. The choice is typically based on the fellow's individual career interests. Fellows meet with the program director or assistant program director in their first year to determine where their interests in the field of ID lie and are then referred to appropriate potential mentors as needed.

*Fellows are noted in bold*

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