Orthopaedics Elective for Orthopaedics Students

Orthopaedics Elective for Students Interested in a Career in Orthopaedics

The orthopaedics elective offers students an opportunity to learn about the evaluation and management of orthopaedic patients through a traditional apprenticeship educational experience. Students will have two 2-week blocks in the rotation. During each block, the student will be assigned to one primary faculty supervisor. The student will apprentice with the faculty member in the office and operating room, learning about the approach to the orthopaedic patient with focus on musculoskeletal evaluation, diagnosis and management, including post-operative rehabilitation.

The student will be expected to attend all Department conferences as well as the weekly service specific conference. On-call responsibilities are an essential part of orthopaedic practice, and students on the elective are required to take in-house calls once per week at the University of Maryland.

Goals for the medical student completing this elective are as follows:

Goal #1

The student will develop an approach to the evaluation of the orthopaedic patient.


The student will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to obtain a basic history and orthopaedic specific history.

  • Understand the relevant parts of the physical exam and joint specific examination tests.

  • Demonstrate the relevant physical exam findings.

  • Enhance problem-solving skills in the daily evaluation and management of his/her patients.

Goal #2

The student will function effectively as a member of the orthopaedic team.


The student will:

  • Demonstrate an ability to effectively integrate him/herself as a member of the orthopaedic team.

  • Demonstrate team work and effective interpersonal communication skills working with nurses, therapists, case managers and other clinicians for the advancement of his/her patients.

  • Successfully complete in-house call responsibilities at the level of an intern.

  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills as they relate to patients, patients' medical records, families, colleagues, consultants and community health providers.

  • Demonstrate professionalism in all interactions with patients, families, colleagues, consultants and community health providers.

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