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The Division of Community Psychiatry is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of mental health assessment, diagnosis and treatment. One very important way of achieving this goal is to be very active in the world of research. Our very close relationships with the Division of Services Research (Director, Lisa Dixon, M.D.), the Division of Psychology at the Baltimore VA (Director, Alan S. Bellack, Ph.D. and the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center (Director, William Carpenter, Jr., M.D.) allows us to be active collaborators with national and world renowned psychiatric research scientists.

Recent and current projects include the investigation of the following:

  • Smoking cessation strategies in persons with serious mental illness (SMI)
  • Social skills training for individuals with schizophrenia
  • Skills training for individuals with SMI to better communicate with their primary care doctor.
  • Substance abuse treatment for persons with SMI and drug/alcohol disorders
  • Identification of genetic factors leading to schizophrenia
  • Hepatitis B & C risk factors in persons with SMI
  • Identification of psychiatric disorders in teenage pregnant women
  • Employment Intervention Demonstration Project
  • Diabetes study in persons with SMI
  • How individuals with SMI use the Internet and media
  • Does ACT reduce homelessness?

Client participation in research projects is strictly voluntary. Eligible individuals will be given the opportunity to participate in paid studies. Access to treatment and other services in the division is NOT linked to participation in these research studies. Should a client decide to participate in a study, their personal health information is protected and highly confidential.

For more information about these studies, contact the following centers:

For general information or inquiries regarding employment opportunities in the Division of Community Psychiatry, please call 410-328- 3414. For appointments or to access services, please call 410-328-6231.